Monday, June 9, 2008

Day 5: Slow day...

Monday was a slow day for us at the cam having camped inside a church compound, there were very few people who came to visit the camp, especially since its also a holiday and as the average 'church folk' knows Monday is the time for parish people to rest since their peak day in the week is Sunday.

But just the same the day started early for us with the Solar Generation volunteers arriving early to set up their stuff
photo by Vinai Dithajohn
While later that morning our Mareike gave a talk on climate change with students in the local community in their climate youth congress.
photo by Vinai Dithajohn

While on the afternoon Jose from the ship got his imagination fired up and decided to create a coal monster made of cardboard for our exhibit.

photo by: Beau Baconguis

Hopefully tomorrow will be busier...

- chuck baclagon

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